This page contains a collection of freebies I have put online for everyone to use!

After taking advantage of the many open-source code libraries and various multimedia assets that others have generously put online, I am hoping to be able to also help contribute to this.

The usage agreements are attached to each item. Most of them only require basic attribution. If you end up using any of these items in one your projects, please tell me!
iPod touch red edition
iPod touch (RED edition)
Vector template (PSD)
A fully vector-drawn mockup of a red edition 5th generation iPod touch. App screenshots can be easily inserted into it for promotional purposes. Attribution is not required, but appreciated. (Download from Dribbble)
TOWebViewController Class
iOS Framework Class (Objective-C)
A modal web view controller, useful to quickly websites from within an app. It features a proper loading bar, smooth rotation animations, and full sharing support. Licensed under the MIT license. (Download from GitHub)
iOS Framework Class (Objective-C)
A small, lightweight colleciton view that can display items in a grid pattern. Features ultra smooth scrolling, proper crossfade rotatio animations, and full edit support. Licensed under the MIT license. (Download from GitHub)
PHP Framework Classes
PHP Framework Classes
Low-level Class Library (PHP)
A collection of PHP classes to help alleviate writing some of the more boilerplate code necessary for most implementations. Licensed under the MIT license. (Download from GitHub)
Transport Rings
Transport Rings Mesh
High-poly 3D mesh (LWO)
A 3D mesh of the “Goa’uld transport rings” from the TV series Stargate SG-1. The mesh is left in a subpatched state for easier rendering optimisation. Attribution appreciated, but not required. (Download from Foundation3D)
Blog 2008 Theme
Blog Theme (circa 2008)
WordPress Theme (PHP)
The original theme for this blog site, retired in 2013. As of the time of this writing, still fully compatible with the latest WordPress version. Licensed under GPL. (Download from GitHub)