iComics 2, work, and the future of this blog

May 6, 2022 •

I hope everyone’s been having a great 2022 so far. This week was Golden Week in Japan, and I personally had a fantastic, relaxing week of doing some long overdue cleaning, catching up on emails and hanging with friends.

I figured I’d do a super quick update on what I’ve been up to lately, and what I’m hoping to do this year.

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2021. Slowly. But surely.

December 31, 2021 •

So another year has come to an end. I say it every time, but damn, that was fast! 🤣

2021 was a very interesting year. In stark contrast to 2020, we pretty much knew what to expect at this point, and so while we were all still bogged down for most of the year, at least had a lot more knowledge on how to be careful at this point.

I returned back to Japan in January 2021, and after spending 2020 in Perth, Tokyo was an insanely different beast in 2021.

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November 22, 2021 •

While last year felt like it was dragging on, this one felt like it went by in a flash! Blimey!

35. What a milestone! I can definitely no longer say I’m in my early thirties. I’m still trying to process it haha.

I had a very quiet 35th birthday. I talked to my family on voice chat, and had dinner with some Tokyo friends in the evening. All in all, it was a very lovely day.

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iComics Developer Update (August 2021)

August 14, 2021 •

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve been well and staying safe!

In case you missed it, today is Free Comic Book Day! Yayyy! As has been tradition for a while, iComics is free for today. If you’ve been on the fence about it for a while, go grab it now! Don’t feel bad for getting it for free, but if you end up liking it, please give it a review on the App Store!

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YouTube Music macOS App

April 29, 2021 •

I hope everyone’s been staying safe and having a relatively uneventful 2021 so far. I’ll do a proper status update at some point, but so far, on my end, things are good.

I thought I’d share a cool little project I’ve been working. It’s sort of a precursor to iComics 2; an excuse to do some R&D on an existing project that I can then re-use later.

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2020. What the hell was that.

December 31, 2020 •

So. 2020 is over. That uh…. that could have gone better.

I honestly have no idea what to say about this year. It sucked. It sucked for me personally on a huge number of levels, and I don’t think many others would say anything different.

I went into 2020 with a huge amount of excitement. After 5 months of interviews in 2019, I had received hiring approval for an engineering role at Google Tokyo. In preparation, in order to detach from my time at Mercari, I decided to resign at the end of the year to take a bit of a sabbatical where I could relax and catch up on my side projects.

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