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Good Riddance 2016. G’day 2017! |

Good Riddance 2016. G’day 2017!

Blimey. I survived 2016. XD

Even saying that as a joke makes me feel a little guilty, especially when we lost so many notable people this year. People are saying that we should start getting used to this trend, but I choose to remain ignorantly hopeful otherwise.

So 2016 is over. It blew past so fast. So amazingly fast. I’m not even sure what the hell happened.

I considered 2015 to be a transformative year. It was a year where I moved from consulting and predominantly web work, to fully plunging into the mobile software space in Silicon Valley. In retrospect, it feels like 2015 was landing on the tip of the iceberg and 2016 ended up being actually discovering the rest of the giant iceberg under water.

Some of the highlights of 2016 included:

All in all. It was a very busy, but ultimately very enjoyable year. Moving to SF was a fantastic experience and I’ve never learned so much in a single year as I have this time. It was a very eye-opening year.

Obligatory resolutions for 2017 in comparison to the 2016 ones:

  • The clichéd ‘lose more weight’ resolution. Still working on this. Goddammit. 75kg please. XD
  • Learning to manage working remotely better. I definitely started getting better at this. It’s a matter of trying to stick to normal work hours, but appreciating that that isn’t always possible. I’ve definitely learned that working in an office is a lot nicer.
  • Studying more. I learned a lot in 2016 in terms of languages like Swift and coding practices, but I certainly still have a long way to go. Moving forward, knowing Node.js will come in handy.
  • Revamp iComics. Being busy with lots of other things, poor iComics got absolutely no love this year. I’ll put in an extra effort next year.
  • Leverage my YouTube channel. Made a small bit of progress, but hopefully next year will be better. 🙂
  • Strive for QANTAS Gold Membership. I got this one! Yay! Now to just hang onto it…. XD

Hopefully you all out there had a great 2016 as well. If not, I’m sure 2017 will be full of new challenges. For all of us.

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s make it an even better one! 😀


  • Published December 31, 2016
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