Happy 2013!

Holy smokes! We’re on the last day of 2012 already! Blimey that was fast!! O_O

I hope everyone had a fulfilling 2012; one not of regret but one of good times, and sharing them with friends and family.

As always, I like to make a quick note of my personal achievements throughout the year, just as a bit of reflection on how I spent the year.

  • Signed a mortgage and bought an apartment (Holy crap!!)
  • Attended GDC in San Francisio, during March this year as an official rep of UberGames. XD (Still going to write a blog about this!)
  • Shook hands with a person from the Pokémon company and had a little chat about iPokédex (More on that later. Maybe.)
  • Attended talks at GDC by game dev veteran people like Notch and Tim Schafer. (Yeah, not much to say about this. It was beyond epic)
  • Got offered a job at an amazing company in Japan (More on that later. Maybe. 🙂 )
  • Was one of 1500 developers to attend the Apple WWDC and witness the unveiling of iOS 6 and the Retina MacBook Pro firsthand. (Shiny. Sooo shiny.)
  • Attended Perth’s first Startup Weekend and built a shippable product in under 48 hours. (Oh god. The pressure. XD)
  • After 11 months of development, I shipped version 1.0 of iComics on the iOS App Store. (Feels really good. Trust me. 🙂 )
  • Presented a talk on HiDPI web page practices at (what is most likely) the final AUC /dev/world/ conference. (Video coming to my YouTube soon! 🙂 )
  • Spent the entire year researching web technologies and started putting to good use on a new iteration of the UberGames site (Coming VERY soon)

I like to treat each year as one of personal growth, and try my best to best what I did in the previous year with each one. Some absolutely amazing stuff happened this year, and I think I definitely outdid 2011. 😀

As always, I’ve got a pile of goals I want to strive for in 2013.

  • Lose weight. Like seriously. I gained like 4kg in the silly season this year. >_< Thankfully, thanks to the nutritional research I did this year, and certain changes that may be happening next year, this may be possible.
  • Learn more about corporate development practices. As someone who is mainly self taught in programming, hearing all these mysterious things like ‘agile development’ and ‘unit testing’ this year has made me realise I should learn more about development logistics.
  • Learn more about low-level coding. I’d love to learn more about how various CPU architectures works on their native level.
  • Start a new games project. This has been in the works since like 2007. We gotta start this thing. Seriously. XD
  • Make iComics the #1 DRM-free comic reader on  the App Store. This WILL be hard. But I am determined. 🙂

As always. I hope everyone else had an amazing 2012 and have great plans for 2013. Happy holidays everyone!

Happy 2013! 😀

  • Published December 31, 2012
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