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iPad 2 and my iPad reflection |

iPad 2 and my iPad reflection

The iPad 2. ShinySo. The iPad 2. Looks shiny. I can’t believe it’s been a year already since the last iPad was announced. XD

I really love my iPad. I’ve had such a great time with it over the past year. ^_^
I was initially skeptical if getting another iOS device that simply had a bigger screen than my iPhone was actually worth it or not, but it turns out it was. The extra screen realestate can be used very effectively and it’s simply a lot easier and quicker to be able to look at more content at once than the iPhone.

One thing that stood out on the iPad over a laptop that I noticed was the sheer portability of the thing. With a laptop, you can’t really carry it when it’s on. You have to either set it down, or really awkwardly hold it, usually balanced on one arm. XD With the iPad, I could quickly load stuff up, rotate the screen as needed, and if there are friends present, you’re not tied down to the ‘crowd around the screen’ mentality.

Another thing that surprised me about the iPad was how little I needed to rely on a PC when I had it with me. The majority of stuff I do on a PC outside of working or playing games is basically just playing online in Twitter and using the web. The iPad handles this beautifully, and I found myself that unless it was REALLY necessary, I would often use my iPad over switching on my PC.

When I traveled to Japan last year, where I was constantly lugging stuff around, I found the fact that the sheer weight of the thing in my bag was negligible compared to my laptop as well. So 90% of the trip I often walked around with just my iPad in my bag (leaving my MacBook at the hotel).

That being all said and done tho… I think the iPad still has a few shortcomings. For when I do do work, I really would like it to be a device that allows media creation on parr with media consumption. But as it stands, producing most forms of content on it is pretty damn finicky compared to a PC.

Some things I’d like to see on it would include:

  • A WYSIWYG editor so I can write blog posts like I can in WordPress
  • A built in HTML editor with FTP so I could update files on my server on the fly
  • More sophisticated image editing (Tho we might already have that…)
  • Maybe even a way to edit and compile iOS apps directly on the machine (Pfft. Like that’ll happen)

I’m going to guess that over time this is probably going to get better (or may already have). I really would like to see a future where I could leave my laptop at home and rely solely on my iPad wherever I go. But for now, I’ll probably always take my laptop with me on my travels juuust in case. XD

So the final verdict? Yeah iPads are cool. If you’re a casual online user, get one. If you’re a hardcore geek, get one, but keep your laptop nearby. XD

Will I end up getting an iPad 2? Probably not.
When I saw it and heard the specs, I immediately thought of when the iPhone 3G got upgraded to the 3GS. Pretty decent improvements, but nothing to really warrant forking out more money so quickly after getting the last one. I get the feeling that the majority of the improvements in the iPad 2 will contribute mainly to games alone… which is something I don’t really mind.

Now, if this rumored iPad 3 is anything like comparing an iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4, then I’ll be there in a snap. 😉

So what do you guys think of the iPad? Thinking of getting an iPad 2?