AUC dev/world/ 2010

Well, AUC dev/world/ 2010 is finished and I’ve finally found a bit of time to update my blog hehe. XD

So I just wanted to say, it was really awesome. I’d never attended a programmer-centric conference before and the whole experience was pretty epic.

Of some of the presentations/activities that were going on, some I attended included:

  • A day long session on programming with Cocoa on OS X and iOS, starting from scratch.
  • A primer to using Core Data in iOS app development
  • A quick and dirty to using git and the new paradigms it introduces in contrast to earlier version control systems.
  • A quick look at another university’s dedicated iPhone app, and the geo-location services it provides.
  • How to program using blocks on iOS 4.
  • Optimizing code to run faster on the iOS platforms.
  • Tips and tricks to help develop apps in a business.

In addition to that, there was also an awesome dinner, followed by a quiz night (Of which my table won! ^_^). The quiz night was particularly interesting in the fact it was the first one I’d been to that allowed the use of Google, however every question had been carefully crafted to make using it pretty much impossible. XD

In any case, the whole experience was extremely awesome. I learned an absolute tonne, collected a huge pile of notes and resources out of the talks, as well as made some great new friends and contacts.

If anyone is thinking of going to devworld, I totally recommend it as it was an overall epic experience. ^_^

I’m still in the middle of collating notes and pics, but hopefully more will follow. 😀

  • Published October 3, 2010
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