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Cosmos Pilot Episode Released Online! |

Cosmos Pilot Episode Released Online!

This is so totally cool! XD

A little while back, do you remember me saying I volunteered to help out as a VFX artist on a pilot TV episode? 🙂

Well, at the end of last year, after I spent 2 months locked in my bedroom animating various 2D and 3d things, we officially finished it. In December I flew over to Melbourne to meet the other production crew and watch the finished cut of the episode. The whole experience was awesome… I should write a blog about that. XD

Anyway, while I was away in Japan, after several months under wraps, the finished pilot episode finally got approved to be shown to the public!! ^_^

So without furthur ado, here is the pilot episode to the Australian TV series Welcome to the Cosmos!

If you get the time, please rate it on YouTube and spread the word around.

I really gotta say. It’s a total buzz seeing your own work finished and up on screen. It definitely makes all the effort totally worth it. XD

In any case, in the weeks to come, I’ll see if I can write some more posts on some of the shots I made and how I went about doing them. 🙂

Enjoy! 😀