Bought my iPad today!

My iPad and 3G microSIM card. Also a lens flare in the BG. XDI thought I’d just fire off a little post on what happened today. XD

I went and bought an iPad 3G 64GB. 😀

While I’m extremely happy to have an iPad now, what I had to go through to actually get one as of today miffed me a little bit.

I originally ordered my iPad from the Apple website, however I was told I wouldn’t receive it until June 7 (Still more than a week away!). When I jumped online today, I found that most electronic consumer shops in Perth were fully stocked to the brim with iPads, ready to purchase right then and there. So I immediately jumped up, ran over to my nearest JB Hi Fi and bought my iPad from there. I then returned to my desk and instantly canceled my June 7 pre-ordered one.

In regards to this, I feel a bit gipped. I was being a more loyal customer by pre-ordering my unit, and yet I was getting treated less than a person just moseying into a shop on open day. I suppose this is just how the stock allocation worked out, but it still feels like a bit of a burn. ^_^;

So in that regard, my new moral from today is that you shouldn’t bother pre-ordering with Apple, just walk over to a shop and buy it. XD

In any case, no harm done, and it’s all good now. ^_^

So in the end, I decided to go with a 3G iPad. I was quite impressed at the data plans that Telstra is offering (opt-out pre-paid service with 3GB for 30$ a month), and at only 100 bucks or so more, I figured it’d be better to have a 3G iPad just in case, as opposed to not. And when the iPhone 4G comes out, I might definitely see about re-jigging my plan so I can scale back my data fees there and use this instead. 🙂

In regards to a screen protector, I’m really in the air about it, but I’m leaning towards just not caring about it. I’ve had a rather bad experience with the screen protector on my iPhone since it now attracts oil and dust, and leaves sticky residue around the edges. I’ve also read several articles on the reason why Apple has now banned the protectors is that they also mess with the oleophobic coating on the iPad, so it may just be a good idea to give it a miss and just make sure to keep it in a nice carry case. Finally, with cool services like iFixit selling components of Apple mobile devices, if my screen actually got sufficiently scratched and/or damaged, I could just buy a replacement touch panel for it.

Either way, it’s 2am now, and I’ve been so busy after work that I haven’t had time to open it yet. ^_^; I definitely look forward to cracking it open tomorrow (/today..?)

If you yourself have an iPad, please leave a comment on what you think and what kind of set-up you’ve done for yours. 🙂