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Mac App Store?

January 6, 2011 •

Sound familiar anyone? XD

Well… I was going to write a blog post on this before it came out, but ‘lo and behold, it came out a few minutes ago.

The Mac App Store

I’m downloading it now, but in the meantime, I’d like to just put out my own thoughts on what I think about it:

In my opinion, if it’s executed well, it might be a good idea, but knowing Apple’s philosophy, I think it might already be doomed for failure.

The concept of the Mac App Store seems pretty cool; it’s just like Steam but for everything! XD
It can provide a central hub accessible to all where any number of apps can be very easily located and downloaded. These apps can then be automatically updated as new versions come out.

Given my own experience when writing and marketing my Twitter utility, DesktopTweet, this is a totally awesome concept.
I was running around the internet trying to find Twitter related blogs and wikis that would let me post an article about DesktopTweet (On that note, nearly ALL of my traffic is coming from the official Twitter Apps wiki) in an attempt to market, and even still, I doubt I made much of an impression. Secondly, I had to write my own series of metrics and update tracking code for it so I could see what kind of people were downloading it, and so I could automatically inform them when an update came out. If my experience with the iOS Store is anything to go on, all of this stuff is provided straight from the start.

So, with that being said, I’d say the concept of the Mac App Store is totally awesome, and I may even go so far as to say it’s a potential game-changer for software on the micro-computer platform.

But, with all that being said and done, I do have a few reservations about it:

If the Mac App Store is anything like the iOS App Store, it may be doomed to failure.

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Hello? Is this thing on?

September 24, 2010 •

Just downloaded a new iPhone app… named BlogPress.

I haven’t really tried blogging from my phone before, mainly because I was so disappointed by the featureset of the WordPress app.

Either way, BlogPress is looking really cool so far. I’ll see how this thing goes. :)

In any case, off to load it onto my iPad now. :D

Posted from mah iPhone 4. XD

Getting my Aussie iPhone working in Japan

September 7, 2010 •

Back in January of last year, I went to Japan on a ski trip for 3 weeks. :)

Since having a phone with which you can make phone calls is VERY useful in Japan, before I left, I had a chat with Optus on using my iPhone package internationally. The deal was simple; you can do everything overseas as you can at home, but it’ll cost a LOT more.

Several phone calls and 8 hours of using global data roaming, I came home to a phone bill $200 more expensive than what I usually paid. ^_^;

Erm… so. When I was planning to go to Japan this time around, I figured there must be a better way. And so I did a little research. :)

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First impressions of my iPad

May 30, 2010 •

iPad running my little ol' blog here. Looks great!I’ve spent a day playing around with my iPad now, and I still think I’ve only barely scratched the surface of what it can do. XD
I’d like to write a quick blog post here on all of the things that went through my head as I was opening the box and cranking it up; all of my first initial impressions of using my iPad for the first time.

When I pulled it out of the box, I immediately thought it felt heavier than the other iPads I’d held before. Granted all of the other iPads were WiFi only models, and the Apple site does say that the 3G version is 0.05kg heavier, but I didn’t think I’d actually notice (Or maybe I’m just crazy XD). Upon picking it up and holding it in my hand, it felt really nice. The brushed metal back and the sapphire glass front are really smooth and they both felt really nice to the touch. Continue reading

Bought my iPad today!

May 29, 2010 •

My iPad and 3G microSIM card. Also a lens flare in the BG. XDI thought I’d just fire off a little post on what happened today. XD

I went and bought an iPad 3G 64GB. :D

While I’m extremely happy to have an iPad now, what I had to go through to actually get one as of today miffed me a little bit.

I originally ordered my iPad from the Apple website, however I was told I wouldn’t receive it until June 7 (Still more than a week away!). When I jumped online today, I found that most electronic consumer shops in Perth were fully stocked to the brim with iPads, ready to purchase right then and there. So I immediately jumped up, ran over to my nearest JB Hi Fi and bought my iPad from there. I then returned to my desk and instantly canceled my June 7 pre-ordered one.

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Microsoft Points Chart from Wikipedia

May 28, 2010 •

In a follow-up to the article I wrote on the Wikipedia Microsoft Points article, here’s the chart that originally got deleted. Hopefully if everything else all fails, the chart will still be accessible, at least through here. :)

Relative exchange rate of Microsoft Points by region
Sovereignty 100 500 800 1000 2000 5000
United States $1.25 $6.25 $10.00 $12.50 $25.00 $62.50
Canada $1.45 $7.25 $10.19 $14.50 $29.00 $72.00
United Kingdom £0.85 £4.25 £6.64 £8.50 £17.00 £42.50
El Salvador $1.25 $6.25 $10.00 $12.50 $25.00 $62.50
Australia $1.65 $8.25 $10.92 $16.50 $33.00 $82.50
Europe €1.20 €6.00 €7.30 €12.00 €24.00 €60.00
Japan ¥148 ¥740 ¥903.34 ¥1480 ¥2960 ¥7400
Mexico $14 $69 $126.25 $138 $275 $687
Singapore $2.20 $11.00 $13.96 $22.00 $44.00 $110.00
Taiwan $42 $210 $318.57 $420 $840 $2100
India Rs68 Rs340 Rs456.64 Rs680 Rs1360 Rs3400
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