This page contains a collection of some of the most recent work that I’ve produced.

Coming from a joint multimedia and computer science background, I enjoy creating content in a wide variety of fields including mobile app development, CG animation, graphics and web design, and even a small amount of game development. I am always striving to improve my skills wherever I can.

I am open to commissions on a case-by-case basis, pending time constraints. If you would like to get in touch, feel free to connect via my LinkedIn account!

iOS App Development

iComics App


Developed in 2012, iComics is an app that allows users to import and read DRM-free comics on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. (Available on the App Store)
iPokédex App


Developed in 2011, iPokédex is a comprehensive database app for the iPhone and the iPod touch for the Pokémon game series. (App Profile Page)
Passkit Test

Event PassKit

A prototype pass for a local Perth event to establish the feasibility of using the PassKit feature of iOS 6 for easier event admissions.

Web Design and Development

iComics Site


The official website for the iComics iOS app. Built from scratch using PHP. (Visit iComics.co)
Nick Hallam Portfolio Site


A client work comission for Nick Hallam, a director of photography in Melbourne, Australia. Built upon WordPress. (Visit NickHallam.com)
UberGames site


The official website for the UberGames game development organisation. Built upon the IPB Content CMS. (Visit UberGames.net)

Graphics Animation

WAICON 2013 Intro Logo

WAICON 2013 Intro Logo

Commissioned as a promotional introduction animation for WAICON 2013 official event videos. Animated in After Effects.
WAICON 2013 Idle Loop

WAICON 2013 Idle Loop

Commissioned as an idle looping animation for WAICON 2013 stage intermissions. Animated in After Effects.
WTTC Opening

WTTC Opening Credits

Commissioned for the pilot episode of the Australian TV show ‘Welcome to the Cosmos’. Animated in After Effects.

CG Renderings

WTTC Patrol Ship

WTTC Patrol Ship

A CG rendering of the patrol ship from the Australian TV pilot ‘Welcome to the Cosmos’, used for promotional purposes (Modeled by Fabio Passaro).
WTTC Scout Ship

WTTC Scout Ship

A CG rendering of the scout ship from the Australian TV pilot ‘Welcome to the Cosmos’, used for promotional purposes (Modeled by Alain Rivard).
Stargate Transport Rings

Stargate Transport Rings

A CG rendering of the transport rings from the TV show, Stargate SG-1.