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Making a Facebook Page

July 1, 2012 •

Well… a few days ago, after deliberating on it back and forth for a VERY long time, I finally decided to take the plunge and make a public Facebook page for myself. 😀


I’d been basically avoiding doing this for several years since I really couldn’t think of a reason of why it wouldn’t be the apex of gratuitous self-wankery (especially back in the ye olde days when they were called ‘fan pages’). XD But given some recent stuff I inadvertently did on my private Facebook, and after asking a few buddies, it finally seemed like it might be a good idea.

Basically, when it comes to maintaining a personal brand on the internet, I don’t really consider private Facebook accounts to be a part of that. I treat mine mainly as a place where I can casually converse with my day-to-day mates, keep in touch with new/old colleagues, and (most importantly), keep track of events happening in my neck of the woods.

A week or so back, hoping to get some more feedback on my iComics icon, I started posting iterations of it on my Facebook account. Well… although a lot of my friends very kindly offered their opinions (And we totally nutted out an AWESOME icon! 😀 ), I couldn’t help but feel I was spamming my account with things that the majority of people I’m friends with on Facebook PROBABLY didn’t care too much about. The breaking point was when I looked at the front face of my account and it was NOTHING but iComics posts. ^_^;

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Happy 2012 Everyone!

December 31, 2011 •

Whew. Sorry for the lack of no new blogs. Things have been so crazy lately. ^_^;

Anyway, it’s the last day of 2011 today!

Blimey, that was fast. I’m not kidding. Where the hell did the year go? O_o

Anyway, I think I’ve started a bit of a personal tradition here. Every New Year’s Eve, I like to make a list of all of of my personal achievements this year. Not only is this mainly so I don’t forget half of the crazy crap I’ve subjected myself to this year, but it’s also a nice way to set the benchmark on what I must do better at next year. 🙂

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25! O_O

November 20, 2011 •

Hahahaha… I was sort of dreading this day… in a way. But since you can’t really stop time. It’s finally here.

I’m officially a quarter of a century old. ^_^;

As I always say when I write these blogs, I feel a bit weird. I’m mid-freaking-twenties now. O_o

Anyway… as far as birthday celebrations go, this weekend could not have been more epic. It started off at an izakaya on Friday night, followed by karaoke afterwards.

Saturday was a trip to a Microsoft-sponsored Windows Phone development workshop (so… nothing but food and code for a day XD), which was epic. And Sunday (birth day actual) culminated in a JET Alumni-sponsored Aussie hanami event followed by a quiet dinner with the family at a Japanese restaurant. ^_^

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Ready. Set. Blog!

August 24, 2011 •

Bahaha. Alright. This is what I get for opening my trap on Twitter. Moar work. XD

Lately, I’ve been thinking that I really do need to start doing more blogging in a more timely/regular fashion; there’s lots of stuff I want to write about that just won’t fit in a tweet, no matter how hard I try. XD
My good pal Dean was thinking the same thing, and so based off the conversation above, the idea of a mutual blogging challenge came along. 😀

This is a really cool idea. It’ll hopefully motivate the both of us to try and put more content out online on a more regular basis, hopefully without quality suffering too badly. XD
I can say it right now though; doing a blog post per day is a pretty hard thing to do. But as long as they’re longer than a tweet, and get the message across, that’s all you really need. In fact, I might set another personal challenge to make posts as lean as possible. 😀

On a lesser note, I think it’s also become a test of platform scalability. I’m on a self-hosted WordPress implementation and Dean is running entirely off a standard tumblr account. Personally, I always thought self-hosted would be better purely because of the degree of control I thought I needed (eg, custom skins and plugins etc), but a quick glance at Dean’s tumblr shows you might just be able to get away without it. XD

In any case, let the challenge commence! Let’s see how long this lasts! XD

So. WTF exactly is ‘fair use’?

August 22, 2011 •

Objection! (Usage of this image is done under 'fair use'. I'm just saying.)

Well now. Given recent events, I think it’s fair to say that I feel like I understand the intricacies of international copyright law a little more than I did a couple of months ago. ^_^; After my communications with the TPCI lawyer, coupled with some readings from some other sites concerning similar copyright cases, I thought I’d write up a bit of a clarification of how this stuff appears to work.

MANDATORY DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer, and the following text is my own supposition. It shouldn’t be taken as absolute truth, and if you see something you know is incorrect, please let me know.

So, the crux of the matter is that ‘fair use’ is a rather convoluted and complicated ‘convienience’ clause added to copyright law, with the original goal of (subjectively) ‘limited’ re-use of copyrighted material without needing to get the original holder’s permission primarily for purposes of  things like critical commentary or research. With the existence of the fair use clause, this basically means that most forms of unauthorized copyright usage go from ‘blatently’ illegal to ‘potentially’ illegal. ^_^;

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R.I.P Tiggles 2001-2011

May 19, 2011 •

Today marks the end of an era in the Oliver household. After more than a decade of keeping a clutch of budgerigars as pets, Tiggles, our last remaining survivor passed away. 🙁

It feels kind of weird. We’ve had budgies in the house since 1997, always chirping away, and now, everything seems so much more quiet.

Tiggles was without a doubt one of the most ‘unconventional’ budgies we’d had. We honestly did not expect her to survive 6 months, let alone 10 years after what she went through. She was a tough as nails bird.

Tiggles was born in a separate clutch from the rest of our birds. If I recall, she was from a clutch of 2, however we had to separate her from her mother after the mother killed the other one (Still not sure why O_o).

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