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Sup from Japan!

February 13, 2013 •

Japan Flag

G'day everyone!

Sorry about the delay, things have been absolutely crazy lately. XD

Due to various circumstances, I've ended up with a bit of spare time, so I thought I'd give this blog a bit of love. 😀

So, in case anyone missed the memo, I'm in Japan right now. ^_^ After applying last year, and making it through 2 interviews, I accepted a job to work at pixiv as a mobile application developer. I arrived here last Thursday and have been settling in since. I haven't started work yet as there's still a few logistics involved with getting set up beforehand (Really important things. Like choosing an awesome email address. XD). However, I've already gone and met my team and had a look at the kind of projects I'll be joining/potentially spearheading. Sadly, I can't publicly talk about them until they've been announced, but trust me when I say, they're pretty damn awesome. 😀

In a sad, sad, tragic, horrific series of events, I'm currently without a laptop; my MacBook Air's keyboard kicked the bucket a few days ago. Figuring that now would be the best time as any to go without a laptop for a few days, I handed it in to the Shibuya Apple Store and have been rolling on just my iPad since then.

It's definitely a bit of a different experience coming to Japan to work, instead of on travel. Obviously, there's a few more things you have to worry about like setting up a bank account and working out a short-long term accommodation plan. Also, things that are pretty easy to manage when on a quick stay, like renting a SIM card for your mobile phone become a little more complicated. These are all excellent topics for more blog posts down the track.

In any case, I've still got a backlog of posts I want to write from 2012, so I might spend my laptop-less time updating this blog with all of these incredibly late posts. XD

Take care everyone!

Pixiv Logo


Happy 2013!

December 31, 2012 •

Holy smokes! We’re on the last day of 2012 already! Blimey that was fast!! O_O

I hope everyone had a fulfilling 2012; one not of regret but one of good times, and sharing them with friends and family.

As always, I like to make a quick note of my personal achievements throughout the year, just as a bit of reflection on how I spent the year.

  • Signed a mortgage and bought an apartment (Holy crap!!)
  • Attended GDC in San Francisio, during March this year as an official rep of UberGames. XD (Still going to write a blog about this!)
  • Shook hands with a person from the Pokémon company and had a little chat about iPokédex (More on that later. Maybe.)
  • Attended talks at GDC by game dev veteran people like Notch and Tim Schafer. (Yeah, not much to say about this. It was beyond epic)
  • Got offered a job at an amazing company in Japan (More on that later. Maybe. 🙂 )
  • Was one of 1500 developers to attend the Apple WWDC and witness the unveiling of iOS 6 and the Retina MacBook Pro firsthand. (Shiny. Sooo shiny.)
  • Attended Perth’s first Startup Weekend and built a shippable product in under 48 hours. (Oh god. The pressure. XD)
  • After 11 months of development, I shipped version 1.0 of iComics on the iOS App Store. (Feels really good. Trust me. 🙂 )
  • Presented a talk on HiDPI web page practices at (what is most likely) the final AUC /dev/world/ conference. (Video coming to my YouTube soon! 🙂 )
  • Spent the entire year researching web technologies and started putting to good use on a new iteration of the UberGames site (Coming VERY soon)

I like to treat each year as one of personal growth, and try my best to best what I did in the previous year with each one. Some absolutely amazing stuff happened this year, and I think I definitely outdid 2011. 😀

As always, I’ve got a pile of goals I want to strive for in 2013.

  • Lose weight. Like seriously. I gained like 4kg in the silly season this year. >_< Thankfully, thanks to the nutritional research I did this year, and certain changes that may be happening next year, this may be possible.
  • Learn more about corporate development practices. As someone who is mainly self taught in programming, hearing all these mysterious things like ‘agile development’ and ‘unit testing’ this year has made me realise I should learn more about development logistics.
  • Learn more about low-level coding. I’d love to learn more about how various CPU architectures works on their native level.
  • Start a new games project. This has been in the works since like 2007. We gotta start this thing. Seriously. XD
  • Make iComics the #1 DRM-free comic reader on  the App Store. This WILL be hard. But I am determined. 🙂

As always. I hope everyone else had an amazing 2012 and have great plans for 2013. Happy holidays everyone!

Happy 2013! 😀

26. ಠ_ಠ

December 10, 2012 •

Me at 26. XDIt’s been a week or two ago now, but I thought I’d do my obligatory birthday post.

I like to do birthday posts every year. Advancing in age is one of the best excuses you get to party, and I always cherish the times I spend with my friends and family during this time. I was considering doing a reflection on all the crazy crap that happened this year, but I’ll save that for new year’s eve.

So. Roughly this time last year, I turned 25. Criminey. Turning a quarter of a century old was scary enough, now I’m more than a quarter of a century. They say that 27 is when all the crazy crap actually happens, so I’m going to leave that for now. XD

As always, it was an awesome weekend. For the outing with my buddies, we tried out a cool restaurant in the southern area of Perth called Tsunami (The irony of that name right now isn’t lost on me. ^_^; )

Tsunami was a rather interesting place. As you’d expect they had a wide range of Japanese dishes, but there were some interesting flairs about them. For example, the sashimi we ordered came with stone blocks heated to 400C for which you could cook the fish on (Which I’m guessing is for the less adventurous when it comes to eating raw fish XD). Either way, the food was amazing, and I’d definitely want to go back there again. 🙂

After dinner, we all went back to my house for cake and ice cream. Overall a very nice evening. ^_^

On the following day, I had lunch with my parents and my grandmother at a restaurant near our house. Dad’s gift to me was some kind of sponsored merch from work, which he called a ‘care package’. I’m pretty sure he was given that merch against his will. XD

Anyway, as far as birthdays go, I couldn’t ask for more. I’m so glad I have so many friends and family I can spend the day with.

Now I just gotta make 26 as awesome as 25 was. XD

Making a Facebook Page

July 1, 2012 •

Well… a few days ago, after deliberating on it back and forth for a VERY long time, I finally decided to take the plunge and make a public Facebook page for myself. 😀

I’d been basically avoiding doing this for several years since I really couldn’t think of a reason of why it wouldn’t be the apex of gratuitous self-wankery (especially back in the ye olde days when they were called ‘fan pages’). XD But given some recent stuff I inadvertently did on my private Facebook, and after asking a few buddies, it finally seemed like it might be a good idea.

Basically, when it comes to maintaining a personal brand on the internet, I don’t really consider private Facebook accounts to be a part of that. I treat mine mainly as a place where I can casually converse with my day-to-day mates, keep in touch with new/old colleagues, and (most importantly), keep track of events happening in my neck of the woods.

A week or so back, hoping to get some more feedback on my iComics icon, I started posting iterations of it on my Facebook account. Well… although a lot of my friends very kindly offered their opinions (And we totally nutted out an AWESOME icon! 😀 ), I couldn’t help but feel I was spamming my account with things that the majority of people I’m friends with on Facebook PROBABLY didn’t care too much about. The breaking point was when I looked at the front face of my account and it was NOTHING but iComics posts. ^_^;

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Happy 2012 Everyone!

December 31, 2011 •

Whew. Sorry for the lack of no new blogs. Things have been so crazy lately. ^_^;

Anyway, it’s the last day of 2011 today!

Blimey, that was fast. I’m not kidding. Where the hell did the year go? O_o

Anyway, I think I’ve started a bit of a personal tradition here. Every New Year’s Eve, I like to make a list of all of of my personal achievements this year. Not only is this mainly so I don’t forget half of the crazy crap I’ve subjected myself to this year, but it’s also a nice way to set the benchmark on what I must do better at next year. 🙂

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25! O_O

November 20, 2011 •

Hahahaha… I was sort of dreading this day… in a way. But since you can’t really stop time. It’s finally here.

I’m officially a quarter of a century old. ^_^;

As I always say when I write these blogs, I feel a bit weird. I’m mid-freaking-twenties now. O_o

Anyway… as far as birthday celebrations go, this weekend could not have been more epic. It started off at an izakaya on Friday night, followed by karaoke afterwards.

Saturday was a trip to a Microsoft-sponsored Windows Phone development workshop (so… nothing but food and code for a day XD), which was epic. And Sunday (birth day actual) culminated in a JET Alumni-sponsored Aussie hanami event followed by a quiet dinner with the family at a Japanese restaurant. ^_^

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