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iPokédex – Pokémon Profile View

March 29, 2011 •

Now, I’ve already posted pictures of the main list of Pokémon menu, but what happens when you actually tap an entry? 🙂

The answer is you presented with a 5-tabbed view of that Pokémon’s profile. ^_^

The tabs comprises of:

  • A main profile of the Pokémon including all of their main names/types/stats
  • Their battle stats and type effectiveness against moves
  • ALL of the moves they can possibly learn (from Pokémon Red/Blue to HeartGold/SoulSilver)
  • Their evolution stages and how to trigger them
  • The Pokédex flavour text on that Pokémon from every game (Barring Black/White for now!)

It’s also possible to add this menu to a list of favourites for easy reference later. 🙂

In an upcoming version, there are a few things I want to add to this view. Namely, a section on Pokéathlon stats, and another tab telling you were you can find this Pokémon in each game.

If you have any other suggestions you think this view could use, post it in the comments! Thanks! ^_^

The main profile window for a Pokémon in iPokédex The stats window for a Pokémon in iPokédex The moves learnset window for a Pokémon in iPokédex
The evolutions window for a Pokémon in iPokédex The Pokédex description texts for a Pokémon in iPokédex

iPokédex v1.0 finished baby!

Whew, that last bit was a bit of a rush there! XD

Well, without further ado. *Ahem*

Version 1.0 of iPokédex has been uploaded to Apple and is currently awaiting review for approval to the App Store! ^_^

Let me just say that getting an app to a releasable level is always a VERY nice feeling. I haven’t actually had an instance when there wasn’t at least one uphill battle with getting the code to work (/compile XD) yet.

I’d like to extend a very warm thanks to everyone who helped me out with making this thing, as well as those who put up with me talking about it. XD

Anyway, I was going through all of my old screen grabs I’d taken of the app while I was working on it, and I realized basically all of them showed the app half-finished; I’ve actually uploaded a very small amount of actual pictures of this app in its finished state. XD

So with that, just as a bit of promotion, as well getting the chance to explain what I was thinking when I was building the app, I’m going to go through and upload some pics of the completed app. 🙂

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iPokédex: entering the final stretch!

March 25, 2011 •

Snapped a photo of iPokédex with my DSLR

As of catching the train to work this morning, I have successfully eradicated all of the showstopping bugs that have been plaguing iPokédex. XD

So on that note, on an actual functional scale, iPokédex is finished. w00t!! ^_^

All that’s left now is tying up a few odds and ends. I need to refine a few UI elements, and finish cleaning up the About and Legal Documentation menus. If all goes well, I can seriously see it getting pushed out to the App Store by this Sunday. ^_^

In the meantime, I might spend a bit of time tonight and tomorrow uploading screenshots and outlining all of the menus and how they work. 🙂

The end is near! XD

A first look at iPokédex

February 5, 2011 •

When you boot it up, this is the first thing you'll see. ^_^I just realized. I put up a post introducing iPokédex, but I only stuck up a temp pic of its logo. ^_^;
In this post, I’ll start to put up some of the features in it that are completed. In a later post, I might do a bit a bit of a rant on why I did that, but for now, just sit back and look at the purdy pictures. XD

So the picture on the right is the first thing the user will see when they boot up the app. The main set of navigation for this app is provided in the tab bar that runs along the bottom of the screen. Each tab bar button relates to a different set of information (eg, items, moves, types, egg groups etc) which can subsequently be drilled down to get even more information. The order of the tab items can be customized (ala the iPod app), so you can pick and choose what goes down there to your own liking. ^_^

Since none of the standard code in the Apple iOS SDK can handle this normally, I ended up writing all of the tab control code myself (Approx 800 LOC ^_^; ). Once iPokédex is done and out, I’ll see about posting it online somewhere. 🙂

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iPokédex – My current iPhone project

December 15, 2010 •

iPokédex LogoSo, if you’ve been following my Twitter lately, you probably noticed a flurry of tweets involving an iPhone app I’ve been working on. I got a bit worked up into a frenzy since Apple sent me an email saying if I didn’t upload something soon, I’d lose the name. Anyway, all that is okay now, so I thought I’d just back up and actually write what it is that I’m doing here. XD

Back when Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver came out in Japan, my Japanese teacher was able to get me a copy when she went over there for a bit. One thing I noticed while playing it though, was that although the Japanese dialog itself was pretty easy to follow (it’s a kids game after all XD), trying to remember the names of all of the Pokémon and their moves and their items and stuff all in Japanese was actually fricken’ difficult. ^_^; Now, while I found some totally awesome sites online that provide all this info (Bulbapedia, Serebii, Veekun etc), I usually play Pokémon on the train, and trying to load those pages down in Safari on my iPhone is often pretty tricky and time-consuming. I got to thinking, a fully offline, mobile Pokédex app for the iPhone would be pretty darn sweet.

And so, the concept of iPokédex was born. ^_^

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Futzing with WordPress’ base directory

March 31, 2010 •

The list of files in my hosted spaces root directory. I'm discussing how I set up requests to go to these directories. XDA few blog posts ago, when I wrote about the online version of my regex tester, I mentioned that I was experiencing a few technical troubles on my blog. The reason for this was that the regex tester is kept in the same web space as my blog, and the way I had set it up was causing erroneous functions in WordPress.

After a bit of googling and some .htaccess hackery, I got it all working again. Since it was a bit of an interesting concept and solution, I thought I’d write it up here. 😀

So, I have one main block of web space that I use for all of my websites, which is hosted by the fine people at Ennoverse.com (*plug plug* XD). The primary domain for the space is Tim-Oliver.com which directs to the root directory of the space and originally, the directory contained all of my blog WordPress files.

When I went to set up Regex-Tester.com, I decided I didn’t want the files and directories from my blog to mix with those of the regex site. To do this, I placed all of the blog files into a directory called ‘/blog’ and all of the regex files in a directory called ‘/regex’. I then simply set the Regex-Tester.com domain as a subdomain which directed straight to the ‘/regex’ directory after that.

Now, herein lay the dilemma:

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