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MacBook Air!!

November 25, 2011 •

Shiny...So, in my last post, I added a rather cryptic photo of an Apple product I received for my birthday. Now that I’ve spent a week breaking it in,  I can write a blog about it!

It’s a shiny new MacBook Air. Core i7. :D

Up until now, the 13″ MacBook Pro I’ve been using has been a loaner from work. And while that laptop has been absolutely fantastic, being absolutely invaluable in at work, not to mention being a great help with some of my side projects in helping further my knowledge of iOS dev, I figured that now that I’m actually starting to get requests for paid commissions, I’d be in a much better position if I bought my own hardware dedicated for that. It also means ensuring I have the proper licenses for all of the software I use is a lot easier too. ^_^;

So, after much research, and coming very close to buying a 15″ MacBook Pro, I decided to go with an Air.

Ultimately, when it came down to the tradeoff between power and physical weight, I decided that I’d rather go with a lighter laptop than a more powerful (but more heavy one) one. While the 15″ Pro is amazing, and from what I’ve seen, even runs rings around my desktop PC, I decided it was too big and too heavy for my liking. And going off the assumption that the Air would be at least as powerful as my 13″ Pro at that point, I figured it should handle everything perfectly.

And boy does it ever! :D

If you’ve had any doubts that the MacBook Air doesn’t really stand up to the Pro series (at least the lower end), you can put them to rest. This thing is extremely snappy in pretty much every case I tried, and the graphics processor can handle running at 2560×1600 at no trouble at all.

Obviously, it isn’t as powerful as most of the Pros can potentially be (eg 8GB RAM, truly quad core CPU etc), so if you’re looking to do really intense things like edit video or play games, I might recommend the Pro. But for my kind of daily usage, which consists mainly of Photoshop design, web code,  and/or iPhone app design, this thing is perfect on all counts.

I’m still wrapping my head around Lion here. There are quite a few new features to get used to. Also, I’m still trying to figure out what other apps I need to fully deck it out. I might write another blog later… XD

Alright. Here endeth the Apple fanboy post. XD


November 19, 2011 •

やあ、みんな! ちょっと前に英語の投稿を出したが、やっぱり日本語でも投稿した方がいいと思った。 最近、株式会社ポケモンの弁護士さんから聞いたんだから。

ポケモン会社からの最初のメールをもらった時、弁護士さんはどうかほとんどのポケモンのファン作成は許可をとってなくても、許可をとった作成もあるって言った。 それを待たずに、すぐに、iずかんが許可を取る可能性があるかどうかをきいてみた。



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Laying iPokédex to rest

November 1, 2011 •


Hey guys.

I thought I’d quickly let you know what’s gone down with iPokédex over the last few weeks.

When I originally received the first email from the Pokémon Company counsel for the first time, they had mentioned that even though the majority of Pokémon fan productions aren’t licensed, there are a few that had made it through the process.
Not skipping a beat, despite the fact that they also said that they don’t have the resources to license many more, I asked the counsel if they could perhaps check with licensing and see if there was any potential for iPokédex to be officially licensed.

I didn’t really broadcast this information too much (I mainly just kept saying ‘man it would be nice IF it got licensed’ XD) as I didn’t want to come off as ‘counting my chickens before they hatched’, so to speak.

Anyway, after a little while, about 2 weeks ago, I received the following email from the counsel:

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Creating the iOS 5 UITableView bevel effect

October 23, 2011 •

So, as you might be aware now, Apple decided to give a bit of an overhaul to the grouped UITableViews where each of the table sections now have a cool inset bevel effect as opposed to a solid gray line.

When I was playing with iPokédex in the iOS 5 betas, I started thinking that the new table style started contrasting with the plain white boxes in the table header (eg for the main profile pic and the buttons).

So deciding to keep the entire list style as consistent as possible, I decided to replicate the bevel effect as a CoreGraphics function that I could then apply to all of my own custom subviews. While I was initially thinking of doing the whole thing as a static stretchable image in Photoshop, it became apparent that due to the various sizes of the elements, being able to programmatically set the size of the corner radii would ultimately be a lot easier (Hooray for programming making stuff lazier!  XD).

So after a couple of hours of examining the effect pixel by pixel in Photoshop, I found out that it’s a pretty simple effect to draw, but it would require 4 layered steps to actually draw properly:

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The new UITableView in iOS 5

October 22, 2011 •

It was immediately obvious from the get-go that Apple had decided to change a couple of the standard UIKit elemnts in iOS 5. Does anyone here actually like the new extra curvey ON/OFF toggle views? XD

Anyway. When I was playing around with iPokédex in one of the early iOS 5 betas, I quickly noticed that another UIKit element had received a somewhat subtle, but very welcome UI overhaul: the grouped UITableView!

Here’s a picture of what iPokédex looks like when it was compiled and run under the different versions of iOS. :)

Can you see the difference? It turns out in iOS 5, the groups of table cells now sport an inset bevel effect; with a 1 pixel white highlight along the bottom, a border colour that matches the background colour (as opposed to plain grey) and a VERY soft shadow running along the inner top. :D

It’s quite a subtle effect (Especially the inner shadow. That’s really hard to see. XD), so here’s what it looks like up close:

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October 17, 2011 •

It still works.... kinda

(This is a Japanese translation of this blog post)

iOS 5の配達より、iずかんはもっとエラーが出て、ちょっと壊れちゃった。 残念ながら通信を停止しなきゃいけなかったから、もう直せない。 もし手伝いたかったら、この請願をサインください!


iOS 5がやっと出たね! 楽しみ! もうiPadを完全にアップデートして楽しんでる! いっぱい新しい機能があって、これから来る新しいアプリをよく楽しみにしてる! しかし、実はiOS 5が出る日をちょっと絶望的に待ってた。 なぜなら、iOS 5でiずかんがちょっと割れる事が分かってたから。 今まで、アップル開発の契約のとおり、iOS 5の機能は秘密で、何も言えなかった。

とにかく、アプリの本体はだいたい大丈夫みたいだね。 クラッシュとかは今まであまり見てなくて良かった。しかし、結構大変なバッグが現れたようだ。 もし、どこでもの「並べ替え」のボタンを押すと、普通のようにメニューが現れるが、終了とカンセルのボタンが消えてる。 実はそのボタンはまだあるが、上のメニューの下で表示されていて、もう押す事ができなくなっちゃった。 ^_^;


コード敵にはこれを直すのがとても簡単だが、前に株式会社ポケモンにアプリ配信をやめるようにお願いされたから、そのアップデートが出せない。 :(

これで、とてももうしわけございませんみんな。 これじゃもうなにもできない。 そしてこれからも、iずかんがもっと悪くなる可能性があって、心配してる。 ^_^;


とりあえず、僕らができるしかない事はただひとつがあると思う。 それはポケモン会社にどれほどポケモン図鑑アプリが人気な物を知らせる事だと思います。 とにかく、ネットで請願があって、もし暇な時があったらサインください。 :)

とにかく、iずかんをよく使っていたら、iOS 5にご注意ください。 そして、アップグレードの時に、iずかんをパソコンにバックアップしてください。 アップグレードではエラーがあったら、削除されちゃうから。 ^_^;