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This blog won an award tonight! |

This blog won an award tonight!

Blimey. Never in the 6 years that I’ve been running this blog did I think what happened tonight was going to happen!

Every year, the Australian Web Industry Association holds a set of awards to recognise the skills of web developers across Australia, with the goal of helping to foster innovation on the Web, and to generally set the bar of quality in producing content and services for clients. There are multiple categories in the Web Awards, spanning from Education sites, to commercial projects to government services, to general social media.

This year, I decided to enter my blog, TimOliver.com.au under the ‘Personal’ category of the Web Awards. I thought that this would be a good opportunity to see how this blog would compare against other potential entries, and at the very least, it would let me know what areas of the site might still need improving. I also thought it’d be great motivation for me to fix a few outstanding bugs in the theme code too. XD

Well. Lo and behold, the Web Awards Ceremony was tonight, and to my utter shock/horror/dumbfoundedness, I won!

Tim Oliver Web Award

I’m still reeling from the surprise of this. I’ve never actually won a proper, framed award for anything I’ve done before, (Unless you count certificates of completion! XD) so this feels like a tremendous honour. To think that a bunch of code that I wrote was worthy of an award… that makes me incredibly, incredibly happy.

In any case, the quality of the work of all of the other awardees was exceptionally high. Ashamedly, I hadn’t even heard of half of the web development companies featured tonight before, but I’m glad to have seen their contributions now. The level of web development work in Perth is definitely increasing, and I’m really happy to be involved in that.

I’d like to extend a public thanks to everyone involved in the Web Awards, and AWIA in general! And I’ll see you at Port80 next month! XD