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The best 3DS XL Carry Case |

The best 3DS XL Carry Case

I don’t normally do product review-type posts here (Maybe I should? XD) but I was so impressed with this thing, and I’m so glad I was able to find it, that I think it definitely deserved one.

Most people who know me have probably noticed that I am very particular with transporting all of my gadgets in cases. This is mainly because I like to try and keep all of my gadgets in the best possible condition, and also because I can bundle accessories (like charging cables) with them much more easily.

So when I bought a limited edition Pokémon X/Y 3DSXL earlier this year, I immediately set out to find a nice case for it.

The problem with that though…. is there aren’t very many cases at all for the 3DS XL out there right now. I did a few trips to multiple game shops in my area looking for cases, but all I was able to find were really cheap vinyl ones that no person over the age of 10 would probably want to be caught carrying.

So resolving myself to the fact I’d have to order one online, I went about searching around on Google. Almost instantly, I found this post on Kotaku about a really high quality case: The Nintendo 3DSXL CitySlicker.

After reading a few more reviews for it, I decided to go ahead and order one. After a few days, it arrived. 🙂

WestField 3DSXL CitySlicker Shut

Wow! What a lovely case the CitySlicker is. The photos and the videos of it online don’t do it justice. It is a lovely piece of craftsmanship. The top flap is genuine leather, which feels really nice to the touch, and the rest is a ‘ballistic’ nylon that feels like a really heavy duty material that’ll stop pretty much anything.


The inside consists of a very soft, micro-fibre lined pocket for the 3DS unit itself (Fluffy. OH SO FLUFFY), and also features 3 leather pockets that will easily fit any DS or 3DS cartridges. The bottom of these pockets also have slits cut in them, so getting the cartridges out of them is incredibly easy.


The back is probably the kicker that sold it for me. On the back, there is a zipped-up pocket that is made out of what seems to feel like a really stretchy sort of cotton. I’ve only got my charging cable in here, but the pocket is so stretchy, I would have no doubt I could fit a proper charging brick as well as an extra cartridge case to boot.

So all in all, after getting my CitySlicker, I now have a very professional looking case that will not only keep my 3DS XL in perfect condition, it’ll also keep all the game cartridges and charging cables together with it.

I have no reservations in recommending the CitySlicker to any of my buddies if they asked me for a good 3DS case. This is hands-down, the classiest case for the 3DS XL. By far. In addition, I was also very impressed at the customer service from WaterField as well.

The only downside to this case… is the price. At $49, I originally baulked when I saw that, and decided to keep checking out other cases before eventually coming back top it. It was only after reading several other blogs promoting this case (as well as the lack of anything else coming REMOTELY close to it) that I decided to take the plunge, and write it off as an iComics expense. XD

But that being said, now that it’s arrived, I can safely say that the 3DS XL CitySlicker is worth every penny. It is definitely one hell of a case, and I’m expecting to be using it for a VERY long time after this post. Thanks a lot WaterField!

  • Published December 27, 2013
  • Categories Reviews