Happy 2012 Everyone!

Whew. Sorry for the lack of no new blogs. Things have been so crazy lately. ^_^;

Anyway, it’s the last day of 2011 today!

Blimey, that was fast. I’m not kidding. Where the hell did the year go? O_o

Anyway, I think I’ve started a bit of a personal tradition here. Every New Year’s Eve, I like to make a list of all of of my personal achievements this year. Not only is this mainly so I don’t forget half of the crazy crap I’ve subjected myself to this year, but it’s also a nice way to set the benchmark on what I must do better at next year. 🙂

Some of the highlights of this year included:

  • Chairing multiple panels at WAI-CON 2011 on Japan and its culture
  • Volunteering at several RFLAN events (Including our best-selling event to date; over 450 players!)
  • Knuckling down and actually managing to release iPokédex.
  • Volunteering for a day at Supanova Perth
  • iPokédex reaching over 250,000 downloads.
  • Getting lambasted by a Japanese community for ‘spoiling’ the un-announced Pokémon in iPokédex. ^_^;
  • Presented at iOS Perth Developers on how to submit apps to the App Store.
  • Being requested from The Pokémon Company to take iPokédex down.
  • Being selected to present at AUC /dev/world/ 2011 on some of my App Store experiences. (Blurb here)
  • Started to travel interstate on work-related business trips.
  • Started to get some really awesome clients in my freelance work.
  • Thanks to the added client work, was able to bolster my professional hardware/capabilities.
  • Recording a piece for a video on Star Trek Voyager Elite Force’s birthday (BTS shot here XD)

Overall, 2011 felt really weird for me. It’s the first year that felt like that everything I’ve been working on has been coming together and some real results have started to come forward. I’ve never really hosted technical presentations before (let alone fly to another state to do one), so I feel like I’ve definitely grown a lot more this year. Also, the experience with iPokédex was a real eye opener. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to reach so high (and then come down shortly after). XD

In any case, if I’m to choose a new year resolution, it’s that I can stick to my track and keep bringing everything together. I’ve got some massive plans for UberGames coming up, and I’ve got another iOS app in the pipes and I’m hoping I can bring both of those to fruition before my holidays are up. 😀

Oh yeah. And play more games. Thanks to those bloody Steam sales, I now have more video games than you can point a stick at and I want to do my best to get through ALL OF THEM! XD

Also….. I tried this this year, but failed miserably. I need to come up with a system to blog more too…. ^_^;

Either way, I hope all of you had an equally as exciting 2011, and I wish you an even more exciting 2012.

Happy new year everyone! 😀


  • Published December 31, 2011
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