Ready. Set. Blog!

Bahaha. Alright. This is what I get for opening my trap on Twitter. Moar work. XD

Lately, I’ve been thinking that I really do need to start doing more blogging in a more timely/regular fashion; there’s lots of stuff I want to write about that just won’t fit in a tweet, no matter how hard I try. XD
My good pal Dean was thinking the same thing, and so based off the conversation above, the idea of a mutual blogging challenge came along. 😀

This is a really cool idea. It’ll hopefully motivate the both of us to try and put more content out online on a more regular basis, hopefully without quality suffering too badly. XD
I can say it right now though; doing a blog post per day is a pretty hard thing to do. But as long as they’re longer than a tweet, and get the message across, that’s all you really need. In fact, I might set another personal challenge to make posts as lean as possible. 😀

On a lesser note, I think it’s also become a test of platform scalability. I’m on a self-hosted WordPress implementation and Dean is running entirely off a standard tumblr account. Personally, I always thought self-hosted would be better purely because of the degree of control I thought I needed (eg, custom skins and plugins etc), but a quick glance at Dean’s tumblr shows you might just be able to get away without it. XD

In any case, let the challenge commence! Let’s see how long this lasts! XD

  • Published August 24, 2011
  • Categories Personal