iPokédex – Pokémon Profile View

Now, I’ve already posted pictures of the main list of Pokémon menu, but what happens when you actually tap an entry? 🙂

The answer is you presented with a 5-tabbed view of that Pokémon’s profile. ^_^

The tabs comprises of:

  • A main profile of the Pokémon including all of their main names/types/stats
  • Their battle stats and type effectiveness against moves
  • ALL of the moves they can possibly learn (from Pokémon Red/Blue to HeartGold/SoulSilver)
  • Their evolution stages and how to trigger them
  • The Pokédex flavour text on that Pokémon from every game (Barring Black/White for now!)

It’s also possible to add this menu to a list of favourites for easy reference later. 🙂

In an upcoming version, there are a few things I want to add to this view. Namely, a section on Pokéathlon stats, and another tab telling you were you can find this Pokémon in each game.

If you have any other suggestions you think this view could use, post it in the comments! Thanks! ^_^

The main profile window for a Pokémon in iPokédex The stats window for a Pokémon in iPokédex The moves learnset window for a Pokémon in iPokédex
The evolutions window for a Pokémon in iPokédex The Pokédex description texts for a Pokémon in iPokédex