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My Super Meat Boy Competition at RFLAN |

My Super Meat Boy Competition at RFLAN

Superrrrr Meat Boy!Since 2007, I’ve been volunteering as an admin at Western Australia’s largest quarterly LAN party known as Redflag Lanfest. Our last event was about a week ago, and it was extra awesome as we had a whole cohort from the ASUS Republic of Gamers show up and provide us with hardcore CPU overclocking demonstrations, selling discounted gaming equipment, and sponsoring prizes up for grabs in competitions.

To that end, this time around, I decided to petition the other admins to let me host a Super Meat Boy competition with a few prizes up for grabs. I’ve been having so much fun with Super Meat Boy lately on both my PC and 360 that I easily figured there’d be a few other gamers out there who are doing the same. ^_^

The other admins were initially a little apprehensive. After all, SMB is still extremely new compared to the other games we run with, so it was a bit of a gamble that we weren’t just giving prizes away to one or two guys. So we opened up the competition and hoped for the best….

… and we were pleasantly surprised. About 15 people signed up.  A perfect number for a competition. ^_^

After a bit of quick thinking, I decided to set up the competition in this format: We play the last level of each chapter (The Forest through to The Rapture), and we judge people on whether they can actually get through it or not in 10 tries or less. And in the event that more than 1 person successfully makes it through, then it becomes a time trial on who can make it through the quickest.

The LANners duking it out in Super Meat BoySuffice it to say, the first condition of the competition was unnecessary; everyone was easily able to make it through all the levels alive. XD So it then came down to a pretty damn brutal time trial, with each entrant usually being able to shave a few seconds off the last. XD The comp lasted for about 2 hours, but we finally managed to whittle down the numbers to 2 winners. The people who missed out vowed revenge, and told me they want another Super Meat Boy competition next time.

Needless to say, I think the competition was a great success. It’s obvious that Super Meat Boy is here to stay. A lot of people who had never seen the game before were walking away totally sold on it and I hope they do end up picking up their own copy of it.

As for me, I plan to spend my holiday trying to finally beat it. XD

To Edward McMillen and Tommy Refenes, I say: Thanks for making such an awesome game!!