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Pokémon Black and White Released! |

Pokémon Black and White Released!

Pokémon Black Box Art. The new logo looks purdy!Yep, I definitely have to admit… after getting hooked on HeartGold, I’ve become pretty epically addicted to the Pokémon Game Boy series again. XD

In case you haven’t heard yet, as of today, the next generation of Pokémon games, generation 5, Pokémon White and Black were released today!

It’s a pretty interesting turn of events here. There are now 156 new Pokémon (more than the original game!), as well as a pretty radical new 3D camera perspective compared to the last games. Interestingly, it’s still out on the DS, which is a first for the Pokémon generations. Maybe this is an indication of the refresh of game consoles slowing down… O_o

While I was over in Japan, I got the chance to go to a Pokémon Center (basically an epic Pokémon merch shop) and see several demo units of the game, and several promo videos on display. Right then and there I decided I definitely had to get it. XD

Sadly, since I’ve already come home from Japan, I wasn’t really sure how I could actually buy this thing. I was thinking of asking one of my Japanese mates to buy it and mail it to me, but that’s an epic inconvenience that I’d rather not do. After checking out eBay and PlayAsia, I found out that with the relative yen rates (Assuming the game is 5000 yen… give or take), it’s only about 6 bucks more from PlayAsia than if I bought it off the shelf in Japan. 🙂 eBay was about the same… but given I’ve ordered stuff off PlayAsia before, I know those guys have very high quality of service and delivery. (eBay probably should only be used as a last resort for these things. XD ) 🙂

So with that being said, I placed an order for Pokémon Black on PlayAsia and straight away got confirmation of it being sent. XD
I definitely can’t wait to play this game… although I might have to brush up on my Japanese in the meantime. My Japanese copy of HeartGold was somewhat easier to understand since I’d already played Silver classic and knew the story, but this one’s going to be somewhat different… XD

Interestingly, I also read this game might be region-locked on DSi’s. Thankfully I have a DS lite that I bought from Japan, so that’s alright, but I want to find an Aussie DSi so I can test that theory.

In any case, if you’re thinking of getting an import copy of Pokémon Black or White, I’d definitely recommend PlayAsia. ^_^
If you do, please feel free to contact me so we can trade! ^_^

If you’re wondering how to do the special e symbol ( é ) in Pokémon, on Windows, you hold down Alt and press 130 on the numpad, and on Mac you press Alt-E, release Alt and hit E again. Yes I am a crazy perfectionist nerd. XD