Japan trip is over!!

All of my news pals and I at the end of the Asian Youth Camp Wow. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun haha. Before I knew it, I’m back in good ol’ Perth again. XD

Well, if I gotta sum up the whole trip in a few words: it was pretty epic. ^_^

The Asian Youth Camp was a very cool experience. Just to rehash what I said in my last post, it was a 2 week course covering many issues and aspects of multicultural interactions in the Asia Pacific region, and also included several days of going out and experiencing Japan too. We were also required to present a report on our own respective countries, unto which I had a total blast pimping out Australia’s cities, animals and slang (She’ll be roight, mate!). XD

Overall, the camp experience was really cool. I learned a lot of new things, gained a lot new experiences made some very cool new friends along the way.

After the camp ended, I’d booked an extra week before my flight so I could have some free time around Japan (As I expected, the camp was so intense, there wasn’t much time to go out and do any shopping at all!). I caught a bullet train over to Tokyo, and stayed there for a few days between a really cool youth hostel and a good friend’s house.

While in Tokyo, I nerded it up at Akihabara for several days, partied at several night clubs in Roppongi (half of which I can’t remember. Say no to Tequila kids! ^_^;) as well as just went and visited some old friends I hadn’t seen in a very long time. ^_^

Some of the fine cultural items I procured this time in Japan. ;DI bought a few things while I was in Akihabara this time. ^_^; I’ve decided to make it my mission to complete the several half started manga series I own in my room (including Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, D.Gray Man), so I tried to pick up a few more volumes of each one. I was also very happy to find a copy of Pokémon LeafGreen and a few more cool games for my Wii/PS2/PSP on the cheap in a second hand games shop. ^_^ I mailed it all back to Perth. Turns out mailing 12kg worth of books costs 7000 yen by surface, or 20000 yen by air. ^_^;

After Akihabara, I also went to Shibuya and Roppongi for the first time (As far as I can remember ^_^;). Both are totally rocking places. Roppongi is definitely the place to go to enjoy Japan’s nightlife. ^_^
I also went over to Makuhari in Chiba for one afternoon. Makuhari is where I lived in Japan for 6 months back in 1996, and it was totally great to see the place again. It’s changed quite a bit since 1996, but it still feels pretty much the same. 🙂

After a week of partying in Roppongi and nerding it up in Akiba, I went back to Osaka for a day before coming home. Apart from some more shopping in Den Den Town, one of my Japanese friends dragged me to a maid cafe… which was a rather interesting experience. XD And after that, another one of my friends took me to an Arabian restaurant where we tried out Hookah, a type of water based tobacco pipe. That one was definitely an interesting experience as I’d never smoked anything before… XD

On the final day, one of my Japanese friends very kindly picked me up from the hotel and drove me to the airport. The flight back home was pretty relaxing, and it was pretty sad to leave after having so much fun. Arriving back in Perth, the weather change was definitely a bit of a shock to the system again. XD

Overall though, it was a totally epic time, definitely worth going. Can’t wait to go back to Japan next time! XD

For my next blog post, I’ll also discuss how I got internet enabled on my iPhone over there. It was a little cheaper than global roaming (ie last time I tried this in Japan lol), and it worked a total treat. ^_^

  • Published September 1, 2010
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