Volunteering at Supanova Day 2

I took a few pics, but they’re so blurry and bad that I don’t want to put them here. I’ll see if a few public ones trickle through at some point. 🙂

Sitting in bed now… thoroughly buggered after official day 1 of Supanova. ^_^;

It was a pretty interesting day. I rocked up at 7:20am (became the mayor on Foursquare. Zing! XD) and stood around for a bit until I was allocated my task for the day. I was allocated to the main seminar room (where all the guests were speaking) where I would be responsible for managing the crowds of people coming in and out, making sure they behaved properly while they were in there, and keeping the place clean when they weren’t. As a side effect to this, I was able to see every single panel held at Supanova. XD

Just for the lolz, or if anyone is curious as to how each panel went:

Mark Lutz: Mark is an absolutely funny, awesome guy. He came in with an awesome intro, and spent the whole time cracking jokes about how much he loves squirrels, and oh yeah, also about how much fun he had working on Angel. There was a bit of tugging at the heartstrings when Mark mentioned his best buddy Andy Hallet, god bless.

Charisma Carpenter: Charisma must be a pretty freaky awesome talented actor. Even though it sounded like Cordelia, her tone and personality was completely different, so it kind weirded me out a bit. XD Charisma was a very cool lady and had a blast up on the front page. She made no allusions to showbiz being an easy job, and made sure to mention that although she works crazy ridiculous hours, she still has time for her family.

Eliza Dushku and Dichen Lachman: I felt both ridiculously honoured and humbled to be able to see this one as it was an exclusive panel to people who had bought ‘Whedonverse Tickets’ (A special ticket that was substantially more costly than standard entry. ^_^;). Eliza totally owned the floor (which I kind of expecting after seeing her in Buffy XD ), and I was getting the feeling that Dichen was a bit shy, since she spent a lot of time talking and looking at Eliza instead of the audience. Either way they both had a great time talking about their work on Dollhouse, and Eliza talking about her growing up and evolution from Faith on Buffy to Echo on Dollhouse.

Lou Ferrigno: I haven’t seen The Incredible Hulk at all, so I didn’t know much about Lou at all. In the end, he was a really cool guy. His main words were to treat your own body right, and make sure to strive for your goals by being proactive about them. Also his ‘HULK SMASH! HULK CRUSH! GRRRRR!’ was totally epic. XD

Summer Glau: We had to work in overdrive for Summer’s session. The room was fully crammed to the brim with people! :O This also surprised Summer quite a lot. XD Summer was a very nice lady… she seemed quite shy as well, and she always went on to say how much she appreciated everyone coming. She talked about how she basically fell out of dancing and into acting when she went to LA, and how interesting her acting experiences have been, especially portraying a bit of a psycho in Firefly, and a robot devoid of emotion in Terminator.

Michael Winslow: If I had to choose the most epic session of the day, it was Michael Winslow. The noises that man can make with a mic and a bit of reverb is downright insane! He played back a clip of a Star Wars Episode IV TIE fighter scene, and did all of the sound effects himself… and it sounded damn near the real thing!! O_O I’d only seen Michael from Spaceballs before, and I was really hoping he’d make those sounds again… but we just ran out of time. ^_^;

Chaske Spencer and Leah Gibson: Erm… well…. hmm… The room was only about half full during this one… also I don’t know a thing about Twighlight. ^_^; Soo… I switched places and went on a bit of a break (since I’d been in there since 10:30am and it was 4:30pm at the time… and I was thirsty. XD ). I came back in near the end though and listened to the two of them, and I really enjoyed what they had to say. They both take acting very seriously, and they both said they are very thankful that they are in a position to be full-time actors (As this is a RARE thing).

Umm, but yeah, that was basically the day for me. I was in that room from 10:30am to 5:55pm, and I’m feeling pretty metal I was able to handle that right now. XD I was told that we were in for a bit of a challenge being allocated to that kind of task, but I feel like we all did it really well. All of the customers were really cool and we had no trouble at all, so it was a really smooth day. There was some pretty epic cosplayers walking around, and everyone was definitely having a good time. ^_^

That aside though, I do feel like I missed a big chunk of the convention by being in that room all day… but no biggie… I’ll see about getting some more free time tomorrow. 🙂

  • Published June 26, 2010
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