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Randal sent me a Clerks 2 script sheet! |

Randal sent me a Clerks 2 script sheet!

One of the pages from Jeff Anderson's (Randal) shooting script for Clerks 2.An interesting item arrived in the mail today. It was an A4 envelope addressed to me, sent from a PO box in Los Angeles.
As I opened it, I was wondering what the heck it was… until I noticed the yellow highlighter markings. 🙂

It’s a signed page from one of the copies of the shooting scripts to the movie Clerks 2, specifically, the one that belonged to Jeff Anderson (The character Randal). ^_^

Now while I am overly very thrilled to now own what I’d like to call ‘a piece of film history’, I must remember that the origin of this script page coming to me is quite a sad one indeed. Instead of re-paraphrasing what happened, I’d like to quote the story that Jeff has written:

“Since doing ‘Clerks’ way back whenever, it amazes me how many strangers approach me and tell me they’re fans.

About a month ago while watching football at a bar, a young guy sent me a beer. He came over a told me how much he loved all Kevin’s movies and he just wanted to say “thanks for the entertainment.” This guy’s name was Devin and he handled my gentle ribbing of his San Francisco 49ers jersey with a smile.

I ran into Devin again a week or so later and we wound up playing a drinking game with a few of his friends. The game was fun and so were Devin and his friends. At one point during the game, Devin left the table. When he came back, I asked where he had gone and he said he went to the ATM. I shot back “You went Ass To Mouth?” He got a charge out of that. He laughed and put his head on the table and rolled his eyes as if to say, “I can’t believe Randal just said that.” Devin was a good kid. He liked to laugh and was quick to trade barbs.

I was sad to learn that Devin Storz, 21, was killed while in his bed sleeping; a tree crashed through his family’s house. Please help the Storz family rebuild their home and their lives after this awful tragic incident.

I tell everybody I know that being in movies is the best job you could have… not just for the work, but for the people you meet because of it.”

When I originally read that back in January, the whole story touched me on many levels. I cannot imagine the amount of pain Devin’s parents, friends and relatives would be going through from such a tragic accident, nor is it anything I would ever wish anyone to have to go through.

One of the Clerks 2 PostersHowever, what touched me the most on this story was what Jeff did after it. In order to help out the Devin’s family, Jeff started collecting donations through PayPal, and offering signed sheets of the Clerks 2 as a sign of thank you.

When I read about that, I was very surprised. Maybe it’s just because I’m used to seeing Jeff play as Randal, but as it pains me to say this, I seriously wasn’t expecting someone like him to be as generous as this. ^_^;

But in any case, after reading such a sad story and Jeff’s personal request, I decided to donate a little bit of money towards the cause. And on that note, I hope my donation helped out in some small way. 🙂

In conclusion to this little turn of events, I ‘d like to say I now have a much bigger respect for the kind of actors like Jeff, people who don’t take anything for granted, and are willing to help out on such a personal level. I think I’m forever touched by this experience, and I intend to get that script framed the next chance I have. 🙂

P.S If anyone else is interested in helping out, Jeff is still taking donations and mailing out script pages, so please check out the official site!