Star Trek XI has epic lens flares!

Star Trek XI Lens Flares Ahoy!

So, I came back from seeing the Star Trek movie tonight. Wow, that was a powerful emotional experience hehe.

After being pretty damn disappointed from Nemesis, I was really scared about this movie. I’m betting it was easily possible that if this movie failed, Paramount would probably just totally give up on the Trek franchise.
That being said, this movie doesn’t disappoint. 🙂 Movies rarely ever bring tears to my eyes, and yet this movie did it 4 or 5 times over haha.

It definitely did Trek justice. It had all of the qualities of standard Trek, but it was definitely refreshed for a more modern perspective. True, it looked waaay different to the Trek we’re used to, (the Enterprise looks like a decked out Apple store), but I’m guessing if a franchise doesn’t evolve on modern trends, it’s doomed to fizzle out.

And the lens flares… holy crap haha.
There is no Visual FX company out there better than ILM, and everything they do is as cutting edge as is possible.
But that being said, they really piled on the Knoll Lens Flare filter with this film. Even in shots that didn’t really have anything bright, or shiny, or reflective… usually somewhere there was a chromatic lens reflection poking it’s head out haha.
But of course, that being said… as a person who has a passionate affinity for lens flares, I find this totally acceptable and in fact wish they tried harder mwahaha. XD

One thing I’m a bit worried about though is the Star Trek canon in the wake of this movie. I’m not going to go into too much detail for fear of spoilers, but I will point out it’s very likely that this movie at it’s current direction is going to render the stories of The Original Series moot. Maybe they will fix this in a later movie, or maybe no one actually cares about this, but this is one thing I found quite unsettling… in any case, it’s something I intend to discuss with every Trek fan I know of… in great depth. XD

In any case, it’s definitely a fantastic movie! I’m going to go see it again with my friends tomorrow. You should too!