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Ode to Taka’s Kitchen |

Ode to Taka’s Kitchen

Taka's Kitchen Katsu-don

Taka's Kitchen Katsu-don

Okay…. the introductions have been done. Down to business! 😀

So…. although I already have quite a bit of stuff I’d like to write about, I was trying to figure out what I should write about on my way to lunch today. At which point, I thought, since I pretty much go to the same place 3 days a week, I might make a quick post ranting about how great it is. 😀

Taka’s Kitchen is a small-ish Japanese restaurant near where I work, up a small alleyway place called Shafto Lane. I was introduced to it by a fellow co-worker who ended up often going there pretty much everyday! 🙂

They sell the basic array of Japanese set meals including fish, beef, chicken, tofu as well as udon noodles, tempura and of course a huuuge array of sushi.

Anyway, the greatest thing about Taka’s is that for the amount of food you receive in one sitting versus the price, the value ends up extremely good hehe. For a large meal, the price is often around 7 dollars, and for small, usually 5. Conversely, checking out the other Japanese shops in the area, they are often 2 dollars more for half as much!

As far as I’ve managed to confirm, the majority of the waitresses are actually Japanese as well, which I often find interesting by dropping little nuggets of Japanese into my speech as I order. Today was especially funny as I accidentally startled the waitress I was ordering from when I casually replied to another waitress behind her in Japanese. 😀

Perth Express Nov 2008

Perth Express Nov 2008

I’m not sure, but I’m assuming a caucasian speaking Japanese out of the blue must be a pretty weird thing to see. 😛

Anyway, today I went in and ordered the famous ‘Katsu-don’ (Crumbed pork mixed with egg) that comes on a bed of rice and a side of miso soup. I usually take the food back to my desk and eat it there, which is where I took that picture hehe.

I’m actually a bit curious now though. Compared to most other Perth restaurants, I’m assuming Japanese food is the most healthiest (apart from Subway and the likes), but I’m keen to ask… is Katsu-don really all that healthy?

Finally, I picked up the latest issue of ‘Perth Express’ today, a monthly magazine detailing all of the interesting Japanese related stuff around Perth. This month’s edition is detailing really really fine Japanese restaurants, which looks pretty swish to me hehe.

Anyway, there you have it. If you’re ever in the middle of Perth and need a quick feed, I highly recommend this place! I’m also hoping that since these guys don’t have a web site of their own, this post will give them a bit of a publicity boost as well hehe! 😀

  • Published November 18, 2008
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