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Hello World! |

Hello World!

Hi everyone!!

Well, I’ve finally gone and done it, I’ve jumped on the blog bandwagon! 😛

It’s been a pretty long time coming, but it’s finally come. Welcome to my blog! 😀

I’ve been wanting to set up a blog of my own for quite a while now, mainly as just a place I could potentially come back to and reflect upon in years to come hehe. But mainly due to other commitments as well as lack of l33t t3ch skillz and resources, it hasn’t been possible for me to set up a personalized, standalone blog for myself up until now. But now that’s all in the past hehe.

So here it is, my first ever blog hehe. I’m hoping I’ve made it a little more unique than most WordPress blogs by adding a cool multilingual feature where the blog is segregated into 2 discrete languages, the other language being Japanese of course. 🙂

Since I’ve been keeping a bit of an impromptu diary on a Japanese site called mixi up until now, and not wanting to leave it behind if I made an English blog, I figured I could probably find a way to merge it here. That way, I can still write the same stuff before, but put it into languages at the same time, all from the same spot. As for the actual technical mumbo-jumbo behind all this, I’m using a personally modified version of qTranslate, written by Qian Qin, and most probably, the best multilingual plugin for WordPress.

There are a few more changes to the code I would like to make still (though nothing major), but after which I might release the code for anyone else who might want it. 🙂

Finally as for the page theme itself, it’s a custom hackjob of the default theme that came with WordPress. As much as I appreciate the true beauty of some of the themes out there, I would like my own blog to be as unique as possible… given how many others there are out there. 😛

In any case, I’ve now linked the English version of this blog to my Facebook and the Japanese to my mixi, so I’m hoping this blog will just slot in with the other web services I use hehe. I’m a bit sad though since by doing this, I’ve overwridden my mixi entries. They aren’t deleted… you just can’t read them anymore. 🙁

Ah well.. hopefully the quality of the blog will make up for that har har.

So… yeah. From this week on, I’ll endeavour to keep this blog updated with my latest happenings, internet-wise or other. I hope I can spark some minds, raise some questions, and overall make this blog a worthwile place to visit.

Thanks for readin’!


  • Published November 16, 2008
  • Categories Personal