iPokédex and iOS 5

It still works.... kinda

TL;DR iPokédex has become slightly broken in iOS 5. No, I can’t fix it. If you want to help out, register your interest by signing this petition!
Hey guys! :)

iOS 5 is finally out! As I write this, I’m currently taking my iPad through the long backup and upgrade process. As excited as I am about iOS 5 (I can tell you, there’s some AWESOME new stuff in there :D), I’ve actually been dreading this day. Why exactly? Well I’ve known for some time that iOS breaks iPokédex in a pretty epic way. I probably could have mentioned it earlier, but I decided I should wait until the NDA is good and done with. ^_^;

Now, while the app itself is still stable, due to a bit of my dodgy coding and lack of foresight (this was my first major version upgrade as a developer!), an issue has arisen where if you press ‘Sort’, you’ll no longer be able to dismiss the sorting menu. While the ‘OK’ button and the ‘Cancel’ buttons are still being drawn, the code I’ve written that re-positions them to be placed under the scroller view has stopped working (so they’re appearing behind it right now, out of reach). At the moment, the only way to dismiss the dialog is to fully quit out of the app (ie, remove it from the multitasking bar) and start it up again. :(

As far as functionality and usability goes, this is a pretty bad thing, and if I had submitted the app to the App Store with a bug like this in it, it would have most certainly been rejected. ^_^;
I’ve already started receiving emails from users who have upgraded to iOS 5 and have found the error.

Code-wise, this is a VERY easy thing to fix (it’s like 1/3 of a line of code). I’ve already fixed it in the version I carry around on my iPhone. XD
Sadly, however, as I was requested by the Pokémon Company to take the app down, I am unable to distribute this fix to anyone else. :(

I’m really sorry about this guys. The user experience is going to start deteriorating and there’s nothing I can do about it. And I fear it’s going to become more frustrating to watch as time passes, and more emails from users start piling in. ^_^;

Either way, I’m not going to give up until the very end. The lawyer I talked to at TPCI was very kind to me and told me they might take iPokédex over to licensing to see if they might be interested in working something out. I haven’t heard back anything at all on that front in a while now, but as it’s most likely the final avenue, I’m more than happy to wait.

In the meantime, if you’d like to help out, there may be a way for you to do so. :) When Nolan Lawson’s app Pokédroid was pulled, a dedicated young lady named Amber set up a petition to try and convince TPCI otherwise. The petition goes on the record to state that since these kinds of apps are free, and that the information contained within is easily accessible on a multitude of sites, there shouldn’t really be a compelling reason for TPCI to want to shut these apps down. Now, while the lawyer from TPCI explained to me that it’s a pretty open and shut case in that TPCI has simply decided not to allow unauthorized apps, I think the petition is a good idea, if not to simply raise awareness on the amount of interest there is on having some kind of official Pokémon reference app.

At the moment, the petition only has a handful of signatures, so head on over there and sign it!

In any case guys, if you’re a heavy user of iPokédex, I’d recommend hanging off upgrading to iOS 5 as long as you can. ^_^;


  • ponta


    • ありがとうポンタさん! iずかんが好きで嬉しいです
      あはは、よかったです。 それ以上機能をつけたかったですが、どうやら機会がなくなっったようですね。

  • Joshua

    Hey, don’t worry about the sorting bug too much, I’m pretty sure your users will not stop using your pokedex just because they can’t sort. The core features are still there, and you do put what generation each mcve and pokemon originates from, in a way, thats sorting already. You have also informed your users about it through the app (I didn’t know you could do that even after the app was removed from the app store). Keep on fighting for the license, all your users are supporting you, evident from the fact that they still have the app, since it can no longer be downloaded. 

    • Hey Joshua!

      Haha thanks a lot man. It’s pretty frustrating to see a lot of people running into this problem and not being able to do anything about it. ^_^;
      Yeeeah. Thankfully it’s nothing crazy bad, like the app constantly crashing. Still, it’s a pretty significant glitch. ^_^;
      That’s true. That’s all I can really do at this point. Hahahahah yeah, the notification system was a bit of an undocumented feature I put in there for something else, but didn’t end up using. I wasn’t actually ever expecting to use it until now. XD
      Thanks a lot man. If the blog stats are an accurate measure, at least 2000 people are still using iPokédex. That’s definitely something to be proud of. ^_^Well hopefully TPCI will let us work something out at some point.

  • Austin

    Any chance you could email the fixed version or anything to us and we can install it on our own?

    • Hi Austin!

      No… sorry. The app is currently something like 140MB in size. A tad too big for email.

      Also, I don’t think TPCI would approve of that… :(

      • Austin

        I guess I’ll just have to be sad with my favorite Pokemon app broken now :(. Oh well, I understand there’s nothing you can really do about it at this point, I just wish we could do something to help besides signing that petition. Anyways, thanks for giving us such a great app I definitely got a ton of use out of it while replaying all the Pokemon games. If things ever change and you can release ipokedex again just let us know as I’ll be first in line to download the update.


        • Hey Austin.

          I’m really sorry about that. It’s making me sad seeing everyone else go through the same thing on Twitter. >_<

          Well, like I said in my latest post, if you want to do more than sign the petition, send an email to feedback[AT]pokemon[DOT]com and tell them how disappointed you are in their decision to allow fan-made apps. If you get a response, post it here!

          Thanks a lot Austin! I'm glad you found the app useful! At this point, I think it's safe to say that making iPokédex was totally worth it. :D

          Oh don't you worry. If there's any update to iPokédex's situation, you can be sure I'll be telling the entire internet. Twice. XD


  • Richard

    Put it on cydia

    • Yeahhh.. I wrote about that somewhere else.

      Bottom line is, not only would that tick TPCI off, it would also get me banned from being an Apple Developer. Not worth it in the slightest. ^_^;

  • Mamabellensam

    Just wanna thank you for making me the coolest mom ever. My 10 year old is Pokecrazy. This app has given us so much joy together. Now I know what he is talking about when he speaks in Poketalk. I hope you will continue to get support. We signed the petition as soon as we saw it. Thanks again for all your hard work!

    • Haha thank you very much! I really appreciate hearing that people enjoyed my app. I’m very glad you found it useful. ^_^

      Thanks for the support! Here’s hoping they might start to consider sanctioning an official one at some point! Fingers crossed!

  • Couldn’t you tell us how to fix the current version? No file transfer, and you could do it by email… unfortunately my mac-book is dead so I couldn’t use the developer tools.

  • Csbchistory8

    I’m probably a little late but I don’t use “sort” all that much. But this app is by far my favorite

  • iPokéfan

    Can’t you put the IPA online for the jailbroken iDevices?
    I loooooove the app!

    • Haha glad you like it man!

      Ahhh, no I can’t sorry. There’s no difference between that and putting it back up on the App Store. Either way, the Pokémon Company wouldn’t approve.

  • Ricky

    Make a YouTube tutorial on how we can fix the code ourselves and maybe even show us how to add more to the app (for those who still use it) so it stays relevant for Pokemon Black & White 2